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AQA Computer Science GCSE

September 2020: This page is the for the 2022 exam version of the AQA Computer Science GCSE course. This is for Year 10 teaching in September 2020.
These pages were copied over from the old syllabus and will get updated as I work through the new one. That means they won't always be totally up to date and I might miss something - check the updated date at the bottom of the page.

Programming Concepts - Mathematical Operators

Basic mathematical operators are addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/). BIDMAS rules apply when you're using these, so take care, especially when dealing with multiplication and division.

PDF iconBasic Mathematical Operators - notes from class

You then need to add in MOD and DIV - two specialist forms of division.

PDF iconAll Mathematical Operators - a summary with DIV and MOD added

Some exam style questions dealing with operators and trace tables. It would be a good idea to code these questions in Python as well.

PDF iconQuestion 0 - a simple introduction

PDF iconQuestion 1 - not so bad

PDF iconQuestion 2 - a bit trickier (particularly the last part)

PDF iconQuestion 3 - multiplication

PDF iconQuestion 4 - division