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AQA Computer Science GCSE

September 2020: This page is the for the 2022 exam version of the AQA Computer Science GCSE course. This is for Year 10 teaching in September 2020.
These pages were copied over from the old syllabus and will get updated as I work through the new one. That means they won't always be totally up to date and I might miss something - check the updated date at the bottom of the page.

Boolean Logic Intro (Year 9)

Boolean Logic is just using Boolean expressions to work out True and False statements. The problem is that it can become a bit tricky.

PDF iconBoolean Logic Basics - slides I use in class

PDF iconBoolean Logic - an introduction to the ideas behind Boolean logic and how it might be used

PDF iconBoolean Logic and Truth Tables - the use of compound Boolean expressions complicates things

PDF iconQuestions on Boolean expressions

PDF iconMore questions on Boolean expressions

Year 11 Boolean Logic - circuits and cool stuff

PDF iconTruth Tables Return - some revision of the basics

PDF iconTruth Table Checker - what operators does what?

Then there are logic circuit symbols, which make questions a bit more complex but aren't actually all that hard. Once you've had a go and figured out how it works.

PDF iconLogic Symbols - slides I use in class

The tricky bit is figuring out what the diagram is showing each time.

PDF icon3 Logic Circuit Diagrams - diagrams to think through

PDF icon3 Diagrams - a single page for printing

Drawing Logic Diagrams

Then you need to be able to construct a diagram from a description...

PDF iconDrawing logic circuits - demo slides from class

PDF iconDrawing Circuits - Exercise 1 - these are the same questions from the slides

PDF iconDrawing Circuits - Exercise 2 - more questions

PDF iconDrawing Circuits - Exercise 3 - yet more (and harder) questions

There are blank diagrams here if you need to print them:

PDF iconBlank Logic Cicuit Diagrams

Using Gate Diagrams

Sometimes you'll be given a diagram with unknown gates and a logical statement and asked to work out which gate goes where. This can be a bit tricky.

PDF iconGate diagrams - demo slides from class