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AQA Computer Science GCSE

September 2020: This page is the for the 2022 exam version of the AQA Computer Science GCSE course. This is for Year 10 teaching in September 2020.
These pages were copied over from the old syllabus and will get updated as I work through the new one. That means they won't always be totally up to date and I might miss something - check the updated date at the bottom of the page.

Networks - Revision

This unit appears on Paper 2.

Revision materials

PDF iconSyllabus content - a slightly edited version of the syllabus document showing what you need to know in some detail

PDF iconKey definitions and knowledge - a summary of the things you need to learn all on one slide

PDF iconLists from the syllabus - the lists of key points you need to be trying to use in answers

There is quite a lot of technical detail in this unit. It might help to produce sets of revision notes which get gradually shorter each time you work through a section.

An example of what this might look like is shown below. This is only part of the unit: the aim would be to start with a number of pages for the whole unit, but eventually to get the content down to no more than 2 sides (this is a large unit compared to units 5 or 6).

Test iconCPU performance revision example

Test iconHardware & Software Multiple Choice Test - this is the same quiz as on the Software Types page

PDF iconLogic diagrams - some slides with diagrams on that can be used as preperation