That Blue Square Thing

Syllabus content:
There is no direct syllabus content for this part of the course that needs to be learned for an exam. The ideas I've developed in these pages will come into the exam - particularly paper 1, but the content is covered in the Unit 2 section of the syllabus.

AQA Computer Science GCSE

September 2020: This page is the for the 2022 exam version of the AQA Computer Science GCSE course. This is for Year 10 teaching in September 2020.
These pages were copied over from the old syllabus and will get updated as I work through the new one. That means they won't always be totally up to date and I might miss something - check the updated date at the bottom of the page.

Programming project

The pages linked from here are just the sort of thing you might need in a real programming project. This used to be covered by a coursework unit, but that's no longer allowed. They are of some use for Paper 1 questions.