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In the News


The headline story is the main part of your news programme. It needs to be between 1 and 2 minutes in length.

The headline story must report on an achievement by one young person. For example, it could be a sporting triumph, a role in a theatrical production, or a contribution to the local community.

The story must include:

evidence iconProduce a storyboard with timings to show your ideas for the headline story. In particular, think about how the camera will cut from one shot to another.

evidence iconProduce a series of scripts for the spoken parts of your story.

product iconCreate the headline story.

Try to include a number of different people in the story. For example, a story about a sporting achievement could include interviews with the young person, a parent, a coach, a teacher etc... Look at how stories are presented on the news for ideas about how to produce your headline story.