Han Solo's Bad Day

The story is ready to begin...

Chapter 4 - in which C3PO worries about life, the universe and everything

Chapter 5 - in which the Stormtroopers make a discovery

Chapter 6 - in which we answer a few questions and bring together chapters 4, 5 and 7 on one page

Chapter 7 - in which Han Solo starts to get a bit cross

Chapter 8 - in which we see Han Solo with a bunch of flowers

Teaching Notes:
This page is an index page. You have to have one of these - the links should allow you to drop in to any part of the story.
The links must use buttons of some kind. You can make your own buttons really easily in Word and then paste them into Paint (and then make the background transparent.
I haven't done this yet. I might get around to it to show you some examples of how to do it.