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Fashion Industry Resources

The fashion industry is oh so useful. Start with whatever jumpers (or blazers if it's a posh school...) they're wearing and move to their feet. Easy.

The idea actually came from one of the original National Curriculum schemes of work (from some time around 2000 probably). Generally I didn't think much of those resources, but the fashion stuff was a pretty darned good idea. The coalition government killed off all the resources when it strode into power in 2010, but the National Archives has, well, archived the pagesexternal link image - which is jolly handy.

Some Bubbles:

Two sorts of bubbles here.

The fashion industry bubbles are good at the start of the unit - they can be placed along a continuum to show how far students agree or disagree with them (agree at one end of a line across a double page, for example). It's a good way to develop some justification skills as well.

And then it can be cool to come back to them at the end of a unit and see how far perceptions have changed.

The globalisation bubbles present a range of opinions about globalisation in general. The can be used as stimulus for all sorts of things - perhaps an On One Hand... activity?

PDF iconFashion Industry Bubbles

PDF iconGlobalisation Bubbles

Walter's Jeans:

Ah, an old favourite. I had a spin on this exercise - I'd ask students to place the cards on the map to develop some sort of idea about where things come from in different parts of the world. That's all (I think) there is different about these.

PDF iconThe Walter's Jeans Cards

PDF iconThe Map - a nice and simple diagrammatic map to make life easier

Annie and Rosa:

Another spin job. Annie's lost her job. Rosa's probably doing it in some sweatshop in some far flung part of the world. For a pittance.

My spin was to use an old OS map extract of Derby (you could find some maps online, or use Google Earth or something - or use a handy map and change the information) and to follow up the Annie work by doing some industrial location OS work. Which is a bit different perhaps.

I might get around to developing this a bit more at some point.

PDF iconAnnie's Old Job resource

The original material appeared in a textbook which was OK. There was a mystery that was published on the Staffordshire Learning Network site (archived at the Wayback machineexternal link image - there was loads of great stuff there).

Lina and her boss:

Lina works in Bangladesh for a low wage. This resource has Lina and her boss presenting points of view about the fashion industry and globalisation, probably.

I wrote this resource for an exam paper. For lots of technical reasons I feel I can present it here.

Image iconLina the textile worker resource