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Geography Weblinks

Note: I no longer teach Geography. That chances are I'll get to check these links maybe once a year if I'm lucky. Be aware that they might not work. I last updated this page in 2018 to remove dead links.
Want to help? Contact me if a link goes all dead on you and I'll see if I can fix it. Or suggest a link perhaps?

There are all sorts of lovely resources out there on the web. For now I'm bringing some of them together on this page.


> UK Population Animationwiki link - from the BBC. Then click the In Depth link for more

LEDC Cities:

> Urban Growth Animationwiki link - from the BBC. Then click the In Depth link for more

> Rio's shanty townswiki link - an interesting article from the BBC website

MEDC Cities/Rural-Urban Fringe:

> Cambridge Science Parkwiki link - industrial development at the RUF

> Bluewaterwiki link - large out of town shopping development in Kent close to the Dartford Crossing

PDF iconNorwich Riverside resource sheet - you can download this

Plate Tectonics:

> Earthquakes animated guidewiki link - from the BBC

> Volcanoes animated guidewiki link - from the BBC

> Tsunami animated guidewiki link - from the BBC again

Storms and Floods:

> Hurricane animated guidewiki link - from the BBC

> Hurricane Ivan impactswiki link - a nice summary

Food and Water Supply:

> Water Aidwiki link - an NGO helping to provide reliable, clean water supplies. This page looks at Burkina Faso, but there are other examples as well

> Niger Food Crisis 2005wiki link - and a useful map

> 2008 Food Crisiswiki link - some interesting facts and figures from the BBC

> 2008 World Food Prices Q&Awiki link

> BBC World Service articles on the Green Revolution and Food Supply issueswiki link - including audio files if you fancy a listen

MEDC Tourism:

> The Lake District National Parkwiki link

Development and Trade:

> The HDI Listwiki link - from Wikipedia, all the way from Iceland to Sierra Leone

> Fairtrade Foundationwiki link - what is it and how does it work

> Cafe Directwiki link - a good example of a fair trade company

> Coffee Trailwiki link - a Guardian article. It's quite long but interesting enough

> Nike Incwiki link - from wikipedia a profile of the TNC

Resources and the Environment:

> New Scientist Guide to Global Warmingwiki link - this is really good. A bit complex, but excellent stuff

> An animated journey through the Earth's climate historywiki link - really nice animation from the BBC summarising 800,000 years of climate change.

LEDC Tourism:

> Daintree Ecolodgewiki link - an ecotourism development in Australia

> Yacahana Lodgewiki link - ecotourism in the Brazilian rainforest