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Italy Resources

Italian coastal townThis probably owes more to the old "compare an EU country" national curriculum unit than anything else.

Some not unreasonable ideas though...

Italy remains, of course, an interesting comparison between north and south. I know things are more complex than that, but there's some benefit in simplifying sometimes (or "abstracting" as computer scientists might call it - but only because we think it sounds better...).

The BBC produced a series of Postcards from Italywiki link in the run up to the 2001 Italian election which (as of December 2022) are still on the web. That might be an interesting teaching idea - although nowadays I guess it would be a Tweet or a Status update!

Italy Digital Poster

This is a major IT crossover task.

A Digital Poster used to be a favorite DiDA task. Basically it's a PowerPoint. In typical ICT fashion there's some clear design rules and a specific target audience. If you really want to make your IT department happy then stress these aspects of the work.

pdf iconThe Digital Poster Task provides the specification for the task. The idea of designing, getting feedback and then making (and then getting feedback) are another key aspect of the ICT Design Cycle.

pdf iconThe Storyboard is where the designing goes on. Yes, you can skip this. Yes, nearly all the children will want to skip this. BUT - the interesting thing about this task is that it has very clear rules, especially about the layout of the slides. So designing is a good idea - and it will please your ICT department again!

ppt iconAn Example Layout PowerPoint. The layout idea is quite complicated for students to get their heads around in my experience. The best way to get them to understand it is to show them an example!

By far the best way of dealing with the layout requirements is to use a Master Slide (2003/2011: View > Master > Slide Master; More recent versions: View > Slide Master). Another top ICT tip for what it's worth...

Guiseppe Cosanostra - migration within Italy

The original task was developed by Paul Thompson - you can find it on the Staffordshire Learning Web (archived)wiki link. All I've done here is provide a slightly different structure and reworded some of the information "cards" and tweaked the layout of the "cards" as I'm a bit of a layout freak. It's possibly a slightly more easily useable resource in the classroom straight away. Possibly.

pdf iconThe Joey Information Sheet is like a set of mystery cards. It provides background information and possible triggers for young Joey.

pdficonThe Joey Question Sheet provides the structure for the task. Should he stay or should he go? It's a bit like a mystery, although you can argue that the categorisation element of this task is a bit more important perhaps.

ppt iconThe Introduction PowerPoint simply provides a handy way to start the lesson off. The map and image should provide some visual triggers as well. This is my own stuff rather than from Paul.