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This page is for the 2023 iMedia syllabus - so it's for Year 11. If you're not in Year 11 you need to look at the 2024 page.

Recipe Card Project

This is a teaching project, not a portfolio unit.

Part 1 - Investigating Obidos Media

Obidos Media is a digital design company. Find out what they do and who works for them.

PDF iconWho are Obidos Media?

PDF iconQuestion sheet

Obidos Media do lots of different creative digital design work and there are other workers who aren't mentioned in the information above.

PDF iconObidos Workforce - everyone who works for the company

Part 2 - the Project Brief

Find out about the project brief.

PDF iconAll about the project brief

PDF iconQuestion sheet

Part 3 - Planning

Planning is a really important part of iMedia work. There are lots of marks for this.

Start with the workplan. This shows the order of work and gives an idea how long each job should take.

PDF iconWorkflow for the recipe card

PDF iconRecipe card workplan

Next you need to create a visualisation diagram to show what your recipe card will look like. These are really important to get right.

PDF iconVisualisation diagram framework

Some ideas for recipe cards are shown below:

sample recipe card image sample recipe card image

Part 4 - Images

You need to source copyright free images to use on your recipe card. It's important that you record where they came from in an assets table.

List of sources of copyright free images

Word Doc iconAssets table - download this and use it

Part 5 - Making

Now you can make the recipe card.

Start by setting up the template.

PDF iconSetting up in Photoshop instructions

Now you need to prep the images you plan on using:

PDF iconPreparing Images (Converting to 300 ppi)

PDF iconRemoving backgrounds - simple version (summary slide)

PDF iconRemoving backgrounds - complex method (for complex backgrounds)

Then there are some editing skills to develop:

PDF iconKey editing skills - summary

PDF iconFading an image - this can work really well on background images

Actually putting the recipe card together is a little complex. The YouTube video shows you the easiest way to do this...