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This page is for the 2023 iMedia syllabus - so it's for Year 11. If you're not in Year 11 you need to look at the 2024 page.

R082 - Creating Digital Graphics

Learning Objective 1: Researching

LO1 is worth 18 marks. You need to:

  1. write about how and why digital graphics are used in the real world
  2. identify the file formats used for digital graphics
  3. show how the properties of digital graphics are linked to how they are used
  4. summarise the ways that different purposes and audiences influence the design and layout of digital graphics

A copy of the markgrid for this LO is at the bottom of this page.

PDF iconWhat the LO1 markgrid means

Key Learning for LO1

Before you can write about these things, you need to know a bit about them. The documents below might help with that.

Makes sure that you don't copy and paste information for this section. Everything must be in your own words. You need to reference any sources you use - each of the documents below includes a section at the end showing you how to reference it.

PDF iconWhat are Digital Graphics? - a basic definition

PDF iconHow digital graphics are used

PDF iconThe five purposes of digital graphics (why we use them)

PDF iconSix file formats you need to know

The Markgrid:

Don't forget that you need to produce a summary.

Markgrid LO1
Note: this markgrid image is a copy of the one included in the sample assessment briefs produced by OCR in 2019. These are available freely on the OCR iMedia webpages. It is copyright OCR and reproduced here to make access easier for students. No attempt to claim copyright is being made. I asked the chief moderator at a meeting in July 2018 if it was OK to put it on the web and he said it was...