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R082 - Creating Digital Graphics

Learning Objective 2: Planning

LO2 is worth 18 marks. You need to:

  1. write about the client's requirements
  2. consider the target audience for the graphic
  3. decide on a visual style and composition for the digital graphic
  4. produce a work plan for the project
  5. describe the assets and resources you will need to create the digital graphic
  6. produce a visualisation diagram for the graphic
  7. explain the legal issues and restrictions that need to be considered for commercial projects like this

You also need to make sure that you use skills from other units as part of your work.

A copy of the markgrid for this LO is at the bottom of this page.

PDF iconWhat the LO2 markgrid means

Visual Style and Composition:

This means that you have to come up with some ideas for what your graphic might look like - based on your understanding of the client's requirements and of the audience for your graphic.

PDF iconWriting about audiences

PDF iconWhat visual style and composition might include

Work Plan:

There are different ways to produce work plans.

You need to:

Assets and Resources:

You need to identify and then write about these.

PDF iconWhat does "Assets and Resources" mean?

Visualisation Diagram:

I think the best visualisation diagrams are done on paper and then scanned.

Make sure you add notes to your diagram.

Legal Restrictions:

Your digital graphic will be used "in a commercial context". That means people will make money out of it.

This means that there are legal issues and restrictions that you need to take into account - copyright, the use of trademarks, intellectual property rights etc...

You need to show that you understand these.

PDF iconLegal issues notes

Make sure that you don't copy and paste information for this section. Everything must be in your own words. You need to reference any sources you use - including my notes above.

The Markgrid:

Here's the markgrid for LO2.

Markgrid LO2a
Markgrid LO2b
Note: this markgrid image is a copy of the one included in the sample assessment briefs produced by OCR in 2019. These are available freely on the OCR iMedia webpages. It is copyright OCR and reproduced here to make access easier for students. No attempt to claim copyright is being made. I asked the chief moderator at a meeting in July 2018 if it was OK to put it on the web and he said it was...