Recipe Card project on That Blue Square Thing

R082 Graphics - Recipe Card Project

Product Creation

Once you have all the pre-production done, you can start to make your recipe card.

The workflow for this is summarised in the slide below:

PDF iconWorkflow summary

PDF iconWorkplan

Document Setup

So, when you're ready to create, first you need to set your Photoshop document up in the right way.

PDF iconPhotoshop Setup

Repurposing assets

Then, once you have your assets, you can get them ready to use by changing them to 300 PPI, cropping and doing any work needed on the backgrounds.

I've sourced some images to use to demonstrate these skills. You can download them below, along with the assets table I used. They're all public domain images so I'm able to host them here and use them for whatever I want.

PDF iconConverting the PPI of an image

PDF iconBananas image - save this

PDF iconOrange image - save this

PDF iconBerries in a bowl image - save this. This image has a more complex background to remove

There is a link on the assets page to a list of high quality image sites you can use.

My assets table for the images above is here:

PDF iconAssets table

Removing Backgrounds

The way you work on the background will depend on how complex the image is.

PDF iconRemoving simple backgrounds

PDF iconRemoving complex backgrounds - using layer masks

Recolouring Images

You can recolour an image using tools in Photoshop. This will let you change the colour of an image entirely, or you can change the colour of part of an image.

These are exactly the type of skills you need to be able to show off for this unit.

PDF iconRecolouring - more use of layer masks

Combining Images

You'll need to bring all of your images together on to the base document you set up initially.

PDF iconCombining Images

Working with Text

Adding text to documents is always going to be needed. You can show some great skills at this stage as well.

PDF iconAdding Text - and working with it