Recipe Card project on That Blue Square Thing

R082 Graphics - Recipe Card Project


To begin with you need to do some research:

1. Breakfast recipes - research a range of healthy breakfast recipes that might appeal to kids. This list from the BBC might be a good starting point.

Document your research by taking screenshots and summarising the options you came up with.

2. Recipe cards - research a range of recipe cards. What information is usually included on recipe cards? How are they laid out? How can they be made to look appealing? If you can, find some that are aimed at kids.

The list of items that usually go on a recipe card is a really important one to have.

Document your research by taking screenshots and summarising your findings.

A sample recipe card

A few years ago I collected some recipe cards from major supermarkets. Below is one that I found that would fit the brief. It might be worth a look - although note that it's a two-sided card and that yours needs to be single sided.

Recipe card thumbnail

Note: you are not allowed to use this recipe!

To do:

  1. Do your research
  2. Write up your findings