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R085 - Creating a multipage website

Learning Objective 2: Planning

LO2 is worth 18 marks.

It includes planning tasks in row 1 of the markgrid, and then some other prep tasks in row 2.

A copy of the markgrid for this LO is at the bottom of this page.

What you need to do

Make sure you think about the markgrid carefully and read the tips on the project brief.

PDF iconLO2 row 1 mark points - a summary of the things you need to do

PDF iconA typical website workflow

PDF iconNotes about target audiences - from the syllabus

When you design you need to add notes about house style to your designs.

PDF iconWhat is house style?

Row 2 of the markgrid includes assets, resources and legal requirements. You also need to produce a test plan. You can use a template for this.

PDF iconLO2 row 2 mark points - summary of tasks

World iconTesting table - you may use this template produced by the exam board for your testing table

The Markgrid:

Don't forget that you only need to produce a summary.

Markgrid LO2
Note: this markgrid image is a copy of the one included in the sample assessment briefs produced by OCR in 2019. These are available freely on the OCR iMedia webpages. It is copyright OCR and reproduced here to make access easier for students. No attempt to claim copyright is being made. I asked the chief moderator at a meeting in July 2018 if it was OK to put it on the web and he said it was...