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This page is for the 2023 iMedia syllabus - so it's for Year 11. If you're not in Year 11 you need to look at the 2024 page.

R085 - Creating a multipage website

This page has a series of guides for making webpages in WebPlus.

These include the basics - creating and setting up a site - to slightly more complex skills.

Most of these guides were written for an old course called CiDA. This had an exam which required kids to make a website to a brief, using a set of resources they were given. A lot of the guides will refer to this.
They are mostly quite old - most of them were written between 2015 and 2017. Some things might not work anymore (video and animation particularly). I have no intention of rewriting them, but I've put them here so that you have a way of getting help when you need it.

The Basics:

PDF iconBasic set up process - I use this with KS3

PDF iconMaking a banner - I use this with KS3

PDF iconBasic content guidelines

Once your site is made you'll need to publish it.

This is quite complex and will depend on exactly how your school network area is set up. This is an old guide I made which might help - but the chances are that you'll need to ask someone to help you with this.

PDF iconPublishing your site

Publishing is a really tricky process and lots can go wrong - especially if you're using video or animations. You'll need to test thoroughly and check that everything works. It's not uncommon to have to publish multiple times in order to deal with the problems that crop up.

Specific skills:

These are slightly more advanced skills perhaps.

PDF iconRollover navigation buttons

PDF iconAdvanced textbox skills

PDF iconUsing colour schemes

PDF iconRollover images

PDF iconHotspots - to make part of an image into a link

PDF iconAdding video

PDF iconAdding audio

PDF iconAdding animation

PDF iconLinks within a page - adding anchors

PDF iconAuto loading a page - for a splash screen. You're very unlikely to need to do this and the technique is clunky and may not work (and is quite old fashioned now)