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Creative iMedia

This page is for the 2023 iMedia syllabus - so it's for Year 11. If you're not in Year 11 you need to look at the 2024 page.

R087 - Creating interactive multimedia products

There's a lot of multimedia used on computers and apps these days. Not all of it is really interactive.

What multimedia do these examples include? How interactive are they?

I'm not sure that those examples are properly interactive. They don't all allow multiple routes through and for the user to make proper choices.

The interactive element is the hardest to pin down. The user really needs to be able to properly control which route to take rather than be sent down a single route.

Now take a look at some of these examples.

Those are probably better in terms of interactive content, although they aren't all perfect by any means. The computing museum is probably the best example - I like the way you can explore and find out more about exhibits.

Here's a useful Google searchwiki link to start looking for other examples.