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Creative iMedia 2024

This page is for the new iMedia syllabus for exams 2024 onward. If you're in Year 11 you need to look at the 2023 page.

R097 – Portfolio Task 2

The task will be given to you on paper. Make sure you read it carefully.

The whole portfolio should take you about 15 hours to complete. This is for all three tasks - Task 1 should take 8 to 10 hours. The total mark for the portfolio is out of 70.

In Task 2 you will have to:

Make sure you include all three parts of Task 2 in your work.

You will need to show how your components and the actual IDMP were made. Screenshots of the tools in the editing/creation software in use are one way this could be done.

You need to hand in the digital files you created - one for the visual identity and two for the digital graphic product.

The Markgrid:

There are 34 marks for Task 2. Use the markgrid to help make sure you do everything needed.

R097 Markgrid - Task 2

Don't forget that you need to produce screenshots to show how you used tools in the editing/creation software.