That Blue Square Thing

Band Manager Spreadsheets

The Shakes are probably the seventh best band in Norfolk.

They were formed in Lincolnshire a couple of years back but moved to Belton so they weren't just another band out of Boston.

Part 1: Debut

Fi, the band's manager, needs some help sorting out the online shops the band runs.

You will need to download these two spreadsheets:

Excel file iconShakes Music spreadsheet

Excel file iconShakes Merch spreadsheet

The tasks start with the music spreadsheet:

PDF iconThe Music Store Spreadsheet - start here

PDF iconFormatting the Music Store Spreadsheet

Then you can move on to the Merch spreadsheet:

PDF iconThe Merch Shop Spreadsheet

PDF iconReordering Stock

Part 2: The Difficult Second Part

Fi needs more help. She's got a spreadsheet to help organise the band's tour of Norfolk, but it's not much help.

Start by downloading the spreadsheet.

Excel file iconShakes Tour spreadsheet

And then work through the tasks.

PDF iconTour Spreadsheet Tasks

If you get done with that, there are a few more jobs that would make the spreadsheet better.

PDF iconExtending the Tour Spreadsheet