That Blue Square Thing

Gorleston Tourist Board

Produce a digital poster to encourage tourists to visit Gorleston. These could be people who come for a day or people who stay for longer.

The Task:

The designing aspect is as important as the making. There are a variety of resources - choose which to use or develop ideas from these.

PDF iconTask summary - all the key points in one slide

PDF iconTask sheet - one side task sheet which can be issued to children if needed

Step 1 - Planning

Brainstorm and then storyboard.

PDF iconPlanning example - brainstorming ideas around the class should come up with the sorts of things on the front slide.

PDF iconStoryboard sheet - this would need printing.

Step 2 - Gathering resources

Ideally insist on copyright free images of a decent size. Best sources are:

A logo then needs to be created. I usually go for something really simple - the initials GTB with some kind of clip art style image added. The image could come from Sweet Clip Artwiki link (copyright free) and I've often taken text from Da Fontwiki link (choose a font, type in GTB in Preview box > size large > submit; this can't be saved so needs to be a screenshot into Paint, cropped and saved as an image (PNG).

Ideally the two elements of the logo would be put together in Photoshop and the background made transparent and saved as a PNG - provides an opportunity to talk about the uses of JPG and PNG files at a very simple level. There's no need to include both elements, but it makes the task more complex.

PDF iconLogo task - single side slide.

PDF iconTransparent background - v quick summary for the board - the task will need demonstrating

Step 3 - Making

A master slide should be used to keep the title and logo in the same place on each slide.

PDF iconMaster slide - key points on two slides.


Two simple review options, both using peer feedback. This might also be an opportunity to teach how to print with more than one slide on the page or to add dates etc...

PDF iconFeedback sheet - with checkboxes; would need printing.

PDF iconAlternative feedback sheet - without checkboxes; would need printing.