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Micro:bit Programming

Micro:bits are small, programmable computing devices which were sent to schools by the BBC back in the day. They can be used to teach basic programming.

The block editor is a simple way to learn programming ideas. There are lots of projects with tutorials and an emulator - so you don't actually need a micro:bit.

The microbit block editor - use this link to get to the editor

The Python editor is closer to "proper" programming. But you do need a micro:bit to be able to use it.

The Python editor - use this link to get to the editor

Part 1: Algorithms:

What are algorithms? - slides from class

Algorithm Report task

Part 2: Programming with Micro:bits - the block editor

There is some basic programming we can do show how sequence works:

Block programming task

The microbit block editor - use this link to get to the editor

Block editor instructions

Part 3: Using the Python editor

Using the Python editor - instructions

Python task slide

The Python editor - use this link to get to the editor

MicroPython images - all of the other built-in images you can use

Part 4: Repetition

This lesson introduces the idea of repetition and reinforces the use of the Python editor.

Repetition - slides from class

Part 5: Selection

Using buttons on the micro:bit.

Selection - slides from class

What are variables?

The syntax for some of the commands is quite tricky. Here's a slide that will help.

Key syntax - to help with spelling etc...

This idea can be used to create a button counter program

Button counter algorithm

Part 6: Sensors

Micro:bits have a bunch of sensors that can be used.

The tiltmeter task - slides from class

What are variables?

This code can lead to some quite complex questions. I sometimes run it into more than one lesson, so it's helpful to be able to copy and paste a code fragment rather than have to type the code in again...

The code to use - click the link and then copy and paste the code into the Python editor

Questions about the code

There are some other sensors which can be used:

Temperature sensor

Light sensor

Part 7: Sound

This will need a loud speaker and some wires...

Sound on micro:bits - slides from class

Built in micro:bit sounds

You can play whole melodies using a micro:bit as well. These slides explain how to do that:

Playing melodies

Part 8: Assessment

I use this to teach report writing, formatting, taking screenshots and explaining skills. Meta stuff much of it - and all the better for it.

Markgrid for the report