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More Photoshop Skills

This is part of the Key Stage 3 Photoshop Workshop. There's so much cool Photoshop stuff that it seems to need at least two pages...

Fading an Image

Faded cyclists photoFading an image from Black and White to Colour is an interesting skills that's easy to get the hang of.

This uses an adjustment layer and then makes use of the Gradient Tool. It's important to think about which direction you want to create the gradient in and how long you want the gradient to be - this takes some trial and error.

It's worth knowing that you can start or finish your gradient tool drag off the actual image. This can produce exactly the effect you're looking for sometimes.

PDF iconFading an Image to Black and White

Image iconCycle race image - right click and save the image

The photo was taken along the Tour of Britain cycle race in 2015. I happened to be in the right part of the country on the right day.

Making a new photo look old

Rigi Bahn train image agedIt's possible, with a little skill, to use layers and filters to make an image look like it's one that was taken many years ago.

This technique adds a sepia tone to an image by using two layers. Sepia is the name given to the brown colour. This was used to make black and white photos last longer in the early days of photography.

PDF iconAgeing a photo

Image iconRigi Bahn train image - right click and save the image

The photo is of a mountain railway in Switzerland. As well as a sepia image, you can also create a faded colour image that I think is similar to the photos I remember from the 1970s.