That Blue Square Thing

CD Cover - a Photoshop project

Making a CD cover.

Project briefs

Progressively more detailed. I haven't added in details of the band etc... on the last one yet - not sure if I want to or not.

PDF iconBrief 1

PDF iconBrief 2

PDF iconBrief 3

PDF iconBrief 4

PDF iconBrief 5 - my final brief

Assets table:

Word file iconAssets table

Part A - Black and White

This part might be a lesson, it might be less, it might be more. It will depend on the skills the children come with.

This is about teaching skills, not making the CD cover.

PDF iconIntro slides 1

PDF iconOrder of work 1

PDF iconTools 1

Skills guides:

PDF iconSquare crop

PDF iconBlack and White

PDF iconAdding Text

Image to use:

Image iconShouting man image - right click and save the image

Part B - Using Colour

Different ways to use colour effectively. Quite possibly more than one lesson here.

PDF iconIntro slides 2

PDF iconOrder of work 2

PDF iconTools 2

PDF iconBrush Tools only

Skills guides:

PDF iconColour sliders - Hue and Saturation

PDF iconSelective colour ducks

PDF iconSelective colours with ducks - 3 colours

PDF iconColoured sky

PDF iconColour filters

Images to use:

Image iconFootball badge image use for Hue and Sat

Image iconFerry image use for Hue and Sat

Image iconWind turbines image use for Hue and Sat

Image iconDucks image use for Hue and Sat and Sel colour

Image iconTree on beach use for coloured sky

Image iconStudents on steps image use for colour filters

Part C - More Colour - Selective colour and Overlays

The colour stuff may be two lessons. I added these skills in to do something a bit different in the second one.

PDF iconIntro slides 3

PDF iconOrder of work 3

Skills guides:

PDF iconColour overlays

Images to use:

Image iconHead image - image by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas from Pexels used with the Pexels license (May 2022 - close to open source)

Image iconRainbow flag image - image by Sharon McCutcheon from Unsplash used with the Unsplash license (May 2022 - close to open source)

Part D - Combining Images

Creating images made up of more than one image. This still needs some thinking about.

PDF iconIntro slides 4

PDF iconOrder of work 4

Skills guides:

PDF iconCombining images - CD cover

PDF iconCombining images - Batman

PDF iconAdding drop shadow - Batman

Images to use:

Image iconBeach and Tree image

Image iconDucks image

Image iconBoat image

Image iconHelicopter image

Image iconBatman image

Image iconLighthouse image

There are some other skills at More Photoshop Skills page.

Making the CD Cover

There's a template to use. At 300 ppi. Prints at the right size.

Photoshop image iconCD Cover template (300 ppi)

Make sure the assets table is downloaded as well.

PDF iconOrder of Work - making 1

PDF iconPlanning document

PDF iconOrder of Work - making 2

PDF iconAbout copyright

PDF iconOrder of Work - making 3

PDF iconCD Covers - front and back

PDF iconOrder of Work - making 4

PDF iconCD Covers - front and back

PDF iconBand logo task

PDF iconOrder of Work - making 5

PDF iconCD Covers - back (Peat and Diesel)

PDF iconOrder of Work - making 6

PDF iconLogos - theory slides

PDF iconRecord company logo task

PDF iconHow to make the record company logo

PDF iconThe Tip - how to centre the circles