That Blue Square Thing

A VBA Quiz

This requires that children have the ability to use VBA.

Part 1: Counters:

PDF iconSlides from class

PDF iconTask 1 - writing a report

PDF iconCounter PowerPoint to download

PDF iconTask 2 - exploring macros

PDF iconMacro challenges to complete

There are instructions for editing macros:

PDF iconEditing macros

Part 2: How to program a quiz:

PDF iconSlides from class

PDF iconInstructions to follow

PDF iconExtending your programs

There's a problem. This solves it:

PDF iconSolving the problem

This is a structure for a quiz.

PDF iconThe Big Quiz

A second lesson on this:

PDF iconWhere to start

Part 3: Programming a quiz:

Now produce your own quiz.

PDF iconThe Quiz Project

PDF iconMarkgrid


PDF iconSaving as a PPTM

PDF iconHint

PDF iconGo to previous slide

PDF iconFinal Score System