That Blue Square Thing

Year 8 Computing - Codes and Ciphers

I'm sorry, but I can't be in school today. So, here's some work...

Task 1:

There's a quiz to do first. Some of you have seen some of the questions before - that's OK (I'll count your best mark!).

Do the quiz first. It should take no more than 15 minutes to do. Don't forget to press the submit button once you're done.

Click the link to do the quiz.

Task 2:

Now there's a code breaking puzzle to try.

This puzzle uses steganography to hide pieces of information. All the pieces of information have the same theme. They are all one word or short phrases and could all be a password.

Click the link and have a go at the puzzle. How many pieces of information can you find?

Send me an e-mail with what you've found out - what are the key words you've discovered? Where were they hidden? Where else could information be hidden?

There is a hint underneath. Only use it after you've tried to find as many clues as possible!

Hidden information puzzle


Task 3:

Last lesson we talked about the Enigma codes and how the Enigma machine worked.

The link below will take you to a simulator of the Enigma machine.

You will need to look at the instructions underneath.

Use it to encode some short messages. E-mail the encoded messages to a friend and see if they can decode them.

Enigma machine simulation

Enigma instructions