That Blue Square Thing

Year 9 Computing - CD Covers and Photoshop Skills

This lesson explores how to use selective colour on a CD cover.

PDF iconProject Brief

This is deliberately very vague. You need to know how to do some things first.

PDF iconSlides from class

PDF iconTools

Because you're making a CD cover, make sure you square crop each of the images.

PDF iconSquare crop

Make sure you practice adding text to at least one of the images you work on today.

PDF iconAdding Text

Selective colour

Coloured ducksSelective colour is used to make part of an image coloured - but to leave part black and white. Or it can be used to change the colours in only park of an image.

This is a little tricky as it uses a layer mask. You might need to ask for help.

PDF iconSelective colour - ducks

PDF iconSelective colours - 3 duck colours

PDF iconBrush Tools

This image works really well for this skill.

Image iconDucks image

Two different coloured areas

Weird coloured tree imageThis lets you change the colour of, for example, the sky differently to the colour of the land. It can make for some pretty nice effects.

PDF iconColoured sky

Either of these images should work fine for this.

Image iconTree on beach

Image iconWind turbines image

Using a colour overlay

Face with overlayThis lets you add a second image as an overlay. Here I've used a rainbow flag, but you can use any image.

PDF iconUsing an overlay

PDF iconTools

You need both of these images for this.

Image iconHead image

Image iconRainbow flag image

You can go back to lesson 2 if you need to.

And go on to lesson 4.

There are some other skills at More Photoshop Skills page if you get through everthing.