That Blue Square Thing

Year 9 Computing - CD Covers and Photoshop Skills

This lesson shows you how to combine multiple images on a CD cover.

PDF iconProject Brief

This is deliberately very vague. You need to know how to do some things first.

PDF iconSlides from class

Because you're making a CD cover, make sure you square crop each of the images.

PDF iconSquare crop

You may want to practice adding text.

PDF iconAdding Text

Combining Images

Mad CD coverCombining images is a really important skill to take a look at. It involves removing the backgrounds from images as well, so it's a bit tricky.

This is a little tricky as it uses a layer mask. You might need to ask for help.

PDF iconCombining Images on a CD Cover

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You'll want four images to work on this.

Image iconBeach and Tree image

Image iconDucks image

Image iconBoat image

Image iconHelicopter image

A different way of removing backgrounds

Batman and lighthouseUsing a layer mask is a different way of working on the same sort of skill.

PDF iconCombining images - Batman

PDF iconAdding drop shadow - Batman

PDF iconTools

Either of these images should work fine for this.

Image iconBatman image

Image iconLighthouse image

You can go back to lesson 3 if you need to.

There are some other skills at More Photoshop Skills page if you get through everthing.