That Blue Square Thing

Year 9 Computing - CD Covers and Photoshop Skills

This lesson you need to finish any planning and then source and edit the images you want to use.

You might be asked to work on some images I've selected for you. If you are, click here to find the images.

Start by reading the order of work.

PDF iconOrder of Work

You might get to thinking about the back of the album cover today:

PDF iconCD Covers - what goes on the back?

And there's a band logo task as well:

PDF iconBand logo task

The project brief is here:

PDF iconProject Brief

Sourcing Images:

You need to source very large copyright free images from high quality, copyright free sources.

Make sure you fill in the Assets Table as you find images.

Places to get images from. If you can't find an image you need from one of those, then ask.

Files to download

Make sure you download both files and save them into a folder in your area. You will need to use them in other lessons.

Word file iconAssets table

Photoshop image iconCD Cover template (300 ppi)


You might want to look back at some of the Photoshop Skills tasks to remind yourself how to do something:

Lesson 1 (black and white) - Lesson 2 (colour) - Lesson 3 (selective colour) - Lesson 4 (combining images)