That Blue Square Thing

Year 9 Computing - CD Cover

This is a set of images to use if you're struggling to find your own.

Start by downloading one image from each group. Make sure you move them to your One Drive.

Image iconMoon 1 image

Image iconMoon 2 image

Image iconMoon 3 image

Image iconGuitar 1 image

Image iconGuitar 2 image

Image iconGuitar 3 image

Image iconRocket 1 image

Image iconRocket 2 image

Image iconRocket 3 image

Image iconAstronaut image

Making the CD Cover

Because you're making a CD cover, make sure you square crop the background image.

PDF iconSquare crop

You'll need to combine images:

PDF iconCombining Images on a CD Cover

PDF iconTools

You will need to add text.

PDF iconAdding Text