That Blue Square Thing - Geography Revision

Google Earth Files

WARNING! These pages are now very old. They were last updated in 2008 and the content applies to an old version of any geography syllabus currently active in the UK.
I've kept them here because there might be something useful for someone and the general marking principles aren't all that different. But be aware that it's old and out of date (the stuff on the Google Earth page in particular may not work at all)

Google Earth is a free program you can download which will let you browse aerial photos ofthe earth's surface. As a tool for findng out about places around the world it's really interesting.

> You can download Google Earth from the Google Earth download page.

You really need a reasonably modern computer and a fast internet connection (i.e. broadband) to be able to use Google Earth effectively.

There is a handy Google Earth help guide online - although it can get a little bit technical.

Placemark Files

Placemarks are used to mark where somewhere is so you can come back to it easily in Google Earth. You can also attach text to a Placemark. If you click on the Placemark a dialogue bubble appears.

This is how I've used Placemarks for revision. Using this I can take you to different places and let you see what they look like - and then tell you information about the place.

It's important that you <Right Click> and <Save As> to download these files. Save them somewhere sensible like your Desktop - you can always move them afterwards.

Once you have the files downloaded open one in Google Earth and work through the Placemarks. I suggest you work through them in the order I've put them in the file - downwards in other words. This might be slightly more logical...

The Files

KMZ IconRio de Janeiro Placemarks - LEDC Cities

KMZ IconNorwich Placemarks - inner city redevelopment and transport management

KMZ IconCambridge/Cambourne Placemarks - Rural-Urban Fringe, Greenbelts and New Towns

KMZ IconEarthquakes and Volcanoes - a tour of major case study locations worldwide

KMZ IconEgypt Placemarks - the Aswan High Dam and it's impacts

KMZ IconUK National Parks

KMZ IconCoastal Landforms Placemarks - various coastal landform features

KMZ IconGlacial Landforms Placemarks - glaciers and their landforms