That Blue Square Thing - Geography Revision

Google Earth Files

Google Earth is a free program you can download which will let you browse aerial photos ofthe earth's surface. As a tool for findng out about places around the world it's really interesting.

> You can download Google Earth from the Google Earth download page.

You really need a reasonably modern computer and a fast internet connection (i.e. broadband) to be able to use Google Earth effectively.

There is a handy Google Earth help guide online - although it can get a little bit technical.

Placemark Files

Placemarks are used to mark where somewhere is so you can come back to it easily in Google Earth. You can also attach text to a Placemark. If you click on the Placemark a dialogue bubble appears.

This is how I've used Placemarks for revision. Using this I can take you to different places and let you see what they look like - and then tell you information about the place.

It's important that you <Right Click> and <Save As> to download these files. Save them somewhere sensible like your Desktop - you can always move them afterwards.

Once you have the files downloaded open one in Google Earth and work through the Placemarks. I suggest you work through them in the order I've put them in the file - downwards in other words. This might be slightly more logical...

The Files

KMZ IconRio de Janeiro Placemarks - LEDC Cities

KMZ IconNorwich Placemarks - inner city redevelopment and transport management

KMZ IconCambridge/Cambourne Placemarks - Rural-Urban Fringe, Greenbelts and New Towns

KMZ IconEarthquakes and Volcanoes - a tour of major case study locations worldwide

KMZ IconEgypt Placemarks - the Aswan High Dam and it's impacts

KMZ IconUK National Parks

KMZ IconCoastal Landforms Placemarks - various coastal landform features

KMZ IconGlacial Landforms Placemarks - glaciers and their landforms