That Blue Square Thing - Geography Revision

GCSE Geography Revision

WARNING! These pages are now very old. They were last updated in 2008 and the content applies to an old version of any geography syllabus currently active in the UK.
I've kept them here because there might be something useful for someone and the general marking principles aren't all that different. But be aware that it's old and out of date (the stuff on the Google Earth page in particular may not work at all)

There are a whole pile of revision resources here - downloads, questions, tips and hints. They were originally written way back in the day when I used to teach the now dead AQA C Geography specification. That's now gone, and I no longer teach geography anyway, so I won't be updating these pages any time soon to take into account any new geography GCSE spec.

But - I'll leave these pages up because someone might find them useful - they include a bunch of stuff that could be of some use to somebody, although as the years roll by they will get more and more dated of course. I should think the exam skills page and the stuff about markschemes might be most likely to be useful - and the downloads page might have just what you've always been looking for.

Enjoy your geography though. I did.


At one point I used to link to BBC Bitesize pages for each module. Unfortunately someone decided that it would be a good idea to keep moving their pages and I can't be doing with keeping links which change every six months up to date.

BBC Bitesize fish iconSo, here's the Geography Bitesize section of the BBC siteexternal link. You'll need to find the useful sections yourself I'm afraid.


There are resources on a number of pages here which should, I hope, be useful when you're revising. You'll find questions, skills guides and advice on DME papers (previously known as paper 1) . There are a set of Google Earth Placemark files as well which should give you a slightly different way to revise.