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Unit 11 Markscheme - Environmental Issues

WARNING! These pages are now very old. They were last updated in 2008 and the content applies to an old version of any geography syllabus currently active in the UK.
I've kept them here because there might be something useful for someone and the general marking principles aren't all that different. But be aware that it's old and out of date (the stuff on the Google Earth page in particular may not work at all)

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Use this markscheme to check your own answers. If you're unsure then ask a teacher to give you a hand. With practice you should be able to mark your own work.

You might find it useful to look at the Standard GCSE Markscheme.

This explains a little more about level marked questions and gives an example. As examiners we're always interested to see useful case studies used in longer answers - this will often gain marks because it helps to explain the points you're making.

a) Explain what the term 'deforestation' means

The cutting down of (usually large) areas of forest

b) Suggest reasons why deforestation is occurring in some parts of the world

This is usually for economic reasons - in LEDCs they may need the money for example. Trees are also an excellent resource.

To get into Level 2 you will need to use a clear place - so the Amazon rainforest in Brazil for example

c) Economic activities can cause large scale changes to the earth's environment. Choose one example of such a change. Describe the change and suggest reasons for it

Level 1: basic description or basic reasons - e.g. "The earth is getting warmer because we are burning fossil fuels"

Level 2: more detailed description/explanation. Both description and explanation needed to get into Level 2, although one could be simply done/ For example, "Global warming is when the average temperature of the earth increases. In the 20th Century the temperature went up by half a degree C. This is because of the burning of fossil fuels such as oil"

Level 3: detailed description and explanation with clearly developed points being made - e.g. "Acid rain occurs because sulphur dioxide is released when coal is burnt in power stations, This combines with water vapour in the atmosphere to make the rainfall acidic. This can poison lakes and kill fish."

d) Suggest steps which could be taken to reduce further environmental change

At level 1 an answer is going to be really vague (such as "burn less fossil fuels". To get into Level 2 you need to clearly talk about how this might happen - so things like using more renewable energy or conserving energy through insulation or recycling. For top marks you could talk about international agreements or laws such designed to solve these problems, such as the Kyoto Treaty.

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