That Blue Square Thing - Geography Revision

Unit 7 Outline - Water and Food Supply

As the global population grows we need to find ways to make sure that we can grow enough food and supply people with clean and reliable supplies of water. In MEDCs this is rarely a major problem, but LEDCs can have big problems dealing with both food and water supplies.

Key Content:

Major Case Studies:

This is one of the areas of the course where the role of NGOs is particularly obvious. You need to know about organisations like WaterAidexternal link, Medecins sans Frontièresexternal link and Oxfamexternal link.

Make sure that you can deal with the issues of desertification. This is an example of how people can make the problems of poor food or water supply worse. Schemes like the development of bunds (lines of stones) can improve things, but the issue is also linked to over-population in places close to the Sahara Desert for example (e.g. Burkina Faso or Niger)

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