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Decision Making Exercises

WARNING! These pages are now very old. Although I’ve updated the a little, the content really applies to an old version of any geography syllabus currently active in the UK.
I've kept them here because there might be something useful for someone and the general marking principles aren't all that different. But be aware that it's old and a bit out of date

Decision making exercise (DME) exam papers used to be a real thing. They don't seem to be possible in the same sort of way these day. I know who I blame. I rather enjoyed DMEs, and marked a DME paper for years and years.

There's some general guidance here and some resources that set up a "mock" DME based around tourism development in Great Langdale in the Lake District.

How to Pass a DME:

It's useful to think about how to answer a DME effectively. There are a few key things you can do to improve your chances of a higher mark.

PDF IconDownload the How to Pass a DME guide to help you to get these things right when it really counts.

Great Langdale DME

I think I wrote this as preparation for a DME paper - we used to get given the theme in advance, so this would have been why I chose this example.

PDF IconGreat langdale DME questions

PDF IconGreat langdale DME photos and map sheet - needed for the questions

PDF IconGreat langdale DME resources - needed to answer the questions (note that the table is 20 years out of date - that probably reflects when I wrote this stuff!)

There's also a resource sheet about zoning of watersports on Windermere in the Lake District. This doesn't go with the DME resources, but it similar and may be useful (but probably also hideously out of date...).

PDF IconWindermere resource

And an opinions sheet about tourism in the Malham area in Derbyshire.

PDF IconMalham opinions resource

And here's a newspaper article about the impacts of second home ownership - an issue that doesn't get old. I have no idea where this came from - it looks like I edited a published version.

PDF IconSecond homes article