That Blue Square Thing

The Technical Bits:

Hello world code imageI write this site myself, using a text editor. It's mostly written in xhtml 1.1 strict with CSS version 3 to style the pages using external stylesheets and then pushed to the web.

That's all very old school techy these days, but it's the way I like to work and gives me complete control over what I do.

I use Google fontsExternal link for the main sections of the site. The main body font is Oxygen at 300 weight; the navigation font is Raleway at its default weight.

The site should be accessible to at least AA standard in the main, although a couple of pages need the odd bit of Flash or embed a movie and some of the drag and drop or photo gallery pages may not be quite as accessible as the rest.


I check my HTML when I can using the W3C validatorExternal link. This means it should work properly and be solid, reliable code which behaves itself.

The CSS is also checked using the W3C validatorExternal link for the same reasons.